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Connect with peers and enhance your conversational and public speaking abilities on our virtual video platform.

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Peer feedback

“The handful of sessions I did on Standing Oration have already helped me feel more at ease when I talk to others. The partners I had gave me important feedback, and it was actually fun!”

Lucy Wilson

Standing Oration

Invest in your team

Empower your team with the skills to communicate confidently and effectively. Discover Standing Oration’s tailored speaking and communication training programs designed to enhance workplace dynamics and drive success.

<span>Invest in your team</span>

Elevate Your Speaking & Practice in a Supportive Environment

Elevate your presence and speaking, from polishing casual small talk to mastering public speaking, with Standing Oration™. Our platform offers a unique space to connect and grow with peers, all while improving your speaking in a supportive environment.

  • Connect with like-minded individuals focused on growth.

  • Practice your speaking skills and receive valuable feedback.

  • Transform your communication, one rep at a time.

Standing Oration empowers you to refine your abilities and achieve eloquence in every interaction.

<span>Elevate Your Speaking & Practice in a Supportive Environment</span>

Earn your confidence

Our community is the perfect place to boost your confidence in speaking. By engaging with peers and receiving constructive feedback, you can gain the confidence you need to master conversational and public speaking situations.

<span>Earn your confidence</span>

"I really like Standing Oration. It's incredibly convenient to work on my communication."

Natalie Allen
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Join our community and improve your speaking.

Joining Standing Oration has been a game-changer for me. It helped my speaking and it was nice to talk to others. - Jonathan Will

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